GamePower/NeroVerse AMA In Review

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2 min readJan 25, 2022


GamePower and NeroVerse AMA in Summary with a link to the videos on YouTube!

Hello everyone! Thanks to those of you that participated in our first live AMA. If you missed it, no worries this article will have a link at the end to see the recording on YouTube.

During the AMA we discussed:
1. Last year’s accomplishments and a realization we needed to adapt and change quick.
2. OG Dragon launch
3. Founders’ Edition (FE) NeroBot Launch
4. First ever holiday NeroBot NFT sale
5. Plans of growing the team
6. Plans to launch a P2E token
7. The NeroBot command game to be released soon
8. NeroSpaces
9. NeroHero revamp
10. Briefly touched on NeroPets, NeroPet Arena, NeroBot RTS, a NeroHero dungeon crawler game
11. We took a few questions posted to the AMA questions channel created for the AMA
12. The fact we are in the early stages of building partnerships

We ended with a sneak peek of the NeroVerse Prologue: Interloper (awesome trailer) created and designed by the NeroVerse team.

Please feel free to take a look at the AMA video and the trailer here:

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