GamePower Network and NeroVerse Reflection and Outlook 2021–2022

  1. Begun building a substrate based network platform for game publishers to publish and develop games,
  2. Adapted to changes in the market and restrictions by Apple
  3. Created the NeroVerse concept
  4. Developed a marketplace to buy and sell in game items relevant to the NeroVerse
  5. Launched our first and second sales; FE NeroBots and Holiday Edition NeroBots which will have a vital role in all things NeroVerse.
  6. Released the OG Dragons to all of those that participated in our Early Adopter event
  7. Released NeroPet Dragon eggs to owners of 2+ FE NeroBots and those that won a whitelist spot through various drawings and contests.
  8. Introduced other NeroBot types and even held a giveaway to which a few lucky winners received NeroBots that are not yet available on the market.
  9. Begun development on NeroBot command game
  10. Began creating apartments/condos for the NeroVerse community
  11. Announced OG Dragon holders will get a NFT key permitting access to a larger apartment/condo space.
  12. Begun researching tokenometrics
  13. Started collaboration and partnership discussions with a few high profile projects
  14. Began ramping up marketing to the NFT/Gaming communities
  15. And more!




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GamePower Network

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