How and Why Work in the Metaverse Will Change Everything

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5 min readMar 28, 2022


Work. This four-letter word can cause varying reactions. It might have you jumping out of bed early in the morning, super-energized and ready for another day of embracing the grind. For others, the word can leave you still curled up in bed after snoozing your alarm for the third time. However, it’s a truism of the modern world that we all need to work. We all need to contribute in some way to making this crazy world go round. And there is something coming called the Metaverse that will radically reshape not only the way we work and what we do but also the very notion of work itself. The future of work in the Metaverse is upon us.

Ergophobia sufferers may disagree, but the Metaverse is going to make work fun.

That’s right. Since time immemorial humankind has had to toil for its daily bread. Over the years, the concept of work has taken on many negative connotations. So much so that people actively dream of the day when they can escape it for good. But what if there was a way we could transform the concept of work so that it is seen as something we get to do rather than have to? What about we start doing more of what makes us happy whilst simultaneously making a valuable contribution to society and the economy? This is where the Metaverse comes in.

Let me explain.

Work in the Metaverse

The amount of change the Metaverse will bring to human society is unprecedented. And we’ve had many major technological leaps to compare it to. Think about how much the tractor changed the life of a farmer used to working his horse-drawn ploughshare. Or, even more recently how much the pandemic influenced the creation of the current hybridized work model. Work in the Metaverse will look very different to how we work IRL now. Our avatars and holograms will free us to be physically anywhere on the planet but still able to come together in the workplace.

The Future of Work in the Metaverse

Since Zucks made the big announcement that the company owning Facebook would hereafter be known as Meta, some media pundits were quick to decry the dystopian future this painted for humanity. Rather than forcing us all into a real-life remake of The Matrix, the Metaverse will open our eyes to the limitless potential we have to create a future world of work that will make us happy, and potentially very wealthy.

Zuckerberg’s recent ad for Meta showed us much about how the future of work in the Metaverse will look. Remote work, avatars and holograms, and real-time meetings in a digital space. Certainly, these are all things that are on the horizon for the modern worker. However, we want to shift gears slightly in this article and focus on how we as individuals can harness the vast power of the technology at our fingertips to unlock a whole new world of opportunities.

The Future of Business

We’ve already written about how the Metaverse will rely on such technologies as NFTs and the blockchain to power its native economy. And this feature is truly revolutionary when you consider how it will embolden a new spirit of enterprise and value creation. Big tech and mega-corporations like Nike and Walmart are already quickly making their way into the digital universe. You may be thinking to yourself that the game is already over and that private individuals don’t stand a chase against these big players when it comes to turning a profit. However, the groundbreaking thing is that the Metaverse is already allowing people to own a piece of the internet.

What Does this Mean?

Speculators can go ahead right now and buy up some digital real estate in the hopes that one day soon someone else will want to build their virtual dream home on it. Entrepreneurs can get in early and start a Metaverse-only company that sells digital products or provides virtual experiences. Investors can contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs and watch them grow in value as more and more people pickup on to the virtues of verifiable blockchain assets for exchanging value in the future. One thing is clear: early adopters of the technology will be well-placed to realize a lot of value for their hard work in helping to create parts of the Metaverse for users to experience.

Once blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse gain widespread adoption, value will be created and owned by individuals. The free market will truly be unleashed. And this kind of free flow and exchange of ideas, value, and experiences was exactly what the early tech visionaries who helped pioneer the internet were dreaming about.

Go Native

Becoming a native inhabitant of the Metaverse is what’s required if you want to excel in this new field of human endeavor. And the best way to start is three-fold.

Begin playing blockchain games

Gaming in the Metaverse will help teach you the fundamental way people will interact in this digital space going forward. Working together to solve challenging missions, competing against each other for digital assets and playing to earn will all become synonymous with the work-a-day world of the future. Plus, you will be early to the party and begin to realize the boundless potential and scope for growth these games have, considering that gaming is already a bigger industry than Hollywood!

Buy and sell NFTs

Learning how to trade in NFTs is essential if you want to run your own business in the Metaverse. NFTs will become the digital currency people use to unlock different virtual experiences and purchase other digital assets, like accessories for their avatars, for example. Once you are confident with this technology you can mint your own NFTs and hope they take off. Or, you could invest in ones that have already proven their worth and discover the hottest NFT game assets before anyone else!

Align yourself with a community of like-minded people

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together. And this is certainly true for doing business in the Metaverse. At its core, a metaverse is comprised of communities, filled with like-minded individuals. GamePower will foster these communities and provide them with the tools necessary to build engaging virtual experiences.

And now you can work in the Metaverse, you’ll never look at work the same way again.

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