NeroVerse MarketPlace Launching with Founders’ Edition NeroBots

This image depicts the four Founders’ NeroBots being offered at NeroVerse market launch.
  1. Will be listed for up to 7 days for sale or until inventory runs out.
  2. Choose from a selection of Four NeroBots during the Founders’ NeroBot sale. Each Skin will be limited to 500 for a total number of 2,000 available.
  3. Each person wishing to buy a Founders’ NeroBot will be limited to no more than 4 per account/wallet while supplies last.
  4. The price for each founders’ NeroBot is $60 US or its equivalent in Solana at the time of purchase.
  5. If you have your verifiable OG Dragon in your NeroVerse connected wallet during purchase and it is not listed on any marketplace, you will receive a 10% discount for the purchase of Founders’ Edition NeroBots.
  6. Purchasing 2 NeroBots during the Founders’ sale will result in an Awarded Dragon Egg for the Genesis Dragon Presale Event. Purchasing 4 NeroBots during the Founders’ sale will result in 2 Dragon Eggs to be made available after the Founders’ NeroBot sale. A maximum of 900 eggs will be issued in this manner.




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