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6 min readMar 10, 2022


We take a look at the recent release of information from the factions of the Interloper, updates on the release, and give our outlook for upcoming releases.

NeroVerse News

In order to better understand the NeroVerse, we think it’s important to provide some details about what the NeroVerse actually is. So, what is the NeroVerse?

The NeroVerse is a metaverse of games and experiences that build on one another. While one experience or game won’t necessarily require game play with a previous game; you’ll find fun and NFTs across each experience work together. Play the games you enjoy while using your favorite GamePower NFTs.

Interloper will be the first playable experience for the NeroVerse. What is it? Interloper is an interactive mystery game where you (the player) is tasked with finding information and determining what is causing the conflict, where did “Vi” come from, and why she is practically begging for help.

While researching, you are introduced to three different factions; DarkSiderz, Syndicate, and NeroMancers. While players won’t have a lot of information at the onset of the game, we do have the following insight to share:

NeroVerse DarkSiderz Faction

The DarkSiderz are what those who are not content with mega-corporation’s overreach of power call themselves. They are a disparate band of dissidents, without any formal leader. Without any one person leading the group, they have been hard to squash and keep down. The DarkSiderz isn’t just a group, it’s an idea that is growing traction on the underground of the NeroNet.

They force people to look at the world without the soothing balm of technology to distract them. Some see them as freedom fighters, quietly cheering them on. The artificial connection the NeroVerse allows, the instant gratification, has left many feeling hollow. They feel something is wrong, and see the DarkSiderz as doing something about it. Something with meaning, in a world flooded with the artificial.

NeroVerse Syndicate Faction

In the future, the tech giants have become titans. With the rapid acceleration of technology, the line between government and corporation blurred until it all but disappeared. Comprised of many different companies (separate for all legal purposes), the Syndicate arose as the various leaders joined together for a single purpose. To steer mankind into the future, with the best among us at the helm of the ship. Their methods have been criticized, the concentration of power demonized, but none can doubt their success. Powerful, organized, controlled…the Syndicate has revolutionized the way we live a dozen times over. And, of course, reaping the profit at every step of the way.

The DarkSiderz despise the Syndicate, seeing them as greedy corporate overlords who wish to control and dominate the world. There is a constant war between the two raging, a tempest beneath the placid surface of the water of society. They are viewed as plundering the world, and lulling the masses to sleep. The Neromancers view the Syndicate as the unwitting creators of something amazing. Something that transcends the human hands who made it.

The Neromancers honor the Syndicate for making the NeroNet, but see their attempts at controlling it to be foolhardy and restrictive.

NeroVerse Neromancers Faction

The Neromancers are those who have truly embraced the promise of the NeroNet, beyond what anyone at MetaSoft had thought possible. They view this technology with a holy reverence, believing it to be the key to unlocking the human mind to its fullest potential. They are constantly innovating, creating, modding the NeroNet to allow even more connection and immersion. They slip between the programs as easily as one walks between rooms. They delve deep into the code of the NeroNet, to understand it and enhance it.

The DarkSiderz see the Neromancers as gullible fools, taken in and brainwashed by the Syndicate. Even worse, the Neromancers know they are dreaming. They intentionally wrap themselves more and more into the NeroVerse, leaving reality behind. But they are also immensely useful, and occasional allies with the other factions. The Neromancers can get beneath the mega-corporation’s systems and watchful surveillance, slipping into the code deeper than anyone ever has been.

As you play through the game, uncovering more facts and details about the world and what is going on, you will play out various missions of stealth and cooperation with your virtual friend. Will you be able to retrieve the data you need, undetected?

Earn reputation with each faction by completing missions and playing through the story. Faction alignment will have no impact on your ability to complete missions for any factions. Read more about factions here.

The Interloper is still in development and will be released soon. Stay tuned to our communication channels for updates.

Development Update:

Development is still under way. As anyone in development will tell you, development takes time and patience. Currently we are still testing the Game Launcher and are awaiting certifications from Microsoft and Apple to avoid those pesky pop ups when you try to download applications. We want everyone to know our products are safe and will pass the tests required for certifications by the respective operating systems.

Once ready and certified, the game launcher will be beta rolled out incrementally to those who signed up for Interloper beta testing. For those that signed up, watch for email updates.

The NeroVerse is a metaverse gateway built by GamePower Network. GamePower Network is developing a blockchain to provide bridges to and from other blockchains. The goal is to make interoperability a key point in playing games, managing in game assets (NFTs), and build cross functionality of those same assets across multiple games and experiences on the GamePower Blockchain.

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