We are just 6 days away from the launch of the NeroVerse.com NFT Marketplace! To celebrate we are giving away 1 non Founders’ NeroBot each day for the next 6 days!

Enter daily to increase your chances of winning! The first NeroBot in the giveaway is “Sporty”! Enter by following the rules on the linked tweet below! Each day’s tweets will have slightly varying instructions so pay attention closely.

Day 2: https://twitter.com/NeroVerse/status/1460623902573580297?s=20

Winners will receive the first minted NeroBot shell featured in that day’s Tweet. Each of the 7 days will be a different NeroBot shells (NeroBot hereforth). Winners will have the ability to claim their NeroBot via the NeroVerse Marketplace November 22, 2021 after the contest is over and the NeroVerse Marketplace goes live. Each non-Founders’ NeroBot awarded will be marked as the first one to be minted. Winners need to be sure to have enough Solana to cover the gas fees upon claiming on November 22, 2021. Winners must be following both @Gamepowernet and @NeroVerse at the time of making the claim. NeroBots awarded during this contest will be offered on the marketplace at a later date.

Instructions for winners to claim their NeroBots will be posted in a new blog post prior to November 22, 2021 Launch of the Marketplace so check back frequently for updates.

Not sure what to do with your NeroBot? Check out:

NeroBots Lightpaper: https://www.neroverse.com/neroBots-lightpaper.pdf

Whitelist Lightpaper: https://www.neroverse.com/whitelist-lightpaper.pdf:




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